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Breathe Free Vaporizer VP 05 By Dr Morepen


Breathe Free Vaporizer VP 05 By Dr Morepen

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  • Dr. Morepen VP 03-NM Breathe Free Vaporizer helps get relief from common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, stuffy head and nose conditions, hay fever, laryngitis and throat irritation. It serves as a steam inhalator cum facial sauna.
  • This vaporizer heats up the water and produces steam in seconds.
  • Its body is made from high-quality plastic that makes it highly resistant to shocks.
  • Ideal for home and travel.
  • Highly effective and easy to use and clean.
  • Use tap water only. Do not use mineral or RO water.
  • The vaporizer is equipped with a 1m long cord for handling convenience.
  • Power consumption: 120 W
  • Nominal voltage: 110 – 240 V
  • Size: 19.1 x 18.3 x 17.5 cm
  • Weight: 481 g


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