Toilet Support

Toilet Support

Toilet Support

  • 25.9%

    Bed Pan Stainless Steel

    850.00 630.00

    Bedpans are usually constructed of stainless steel and may be cold, hard and uncomfortable. A bedpan is a receptacle used for the toileting of a bedridden patient , and is usually made of metal or plastic. A bedpan can be used for both urinary and fecal discharge. Many diseases can confine a patient to bed, necessitating the use […]

  • 63.8%

    Friends Undersheet Ultrathin, (Pack of 10)


    Soft non- woven surface. Ensures faster absorbency. Anti-bacterial super absorbency polymer ensures comfortable, dry and clean surface. Unfold on bed to prevent stained bed. Item Name:- Friends Underpads (Drawsheet) Ultrathin. Pack containing Underpads Premium Large size. No.of contents in a pack:- 10. Size:– Premium Large ( 60 x 90) cm.  

  • 42.9%

    Mattress Protection Mackintosh Rubber Sheet

    350.00 200.00

    This high class rubber sheet is for mattress protection 100% Waterproof bed protector Hospital duck back rubber sheet are made from Indian soft rubber The sheeting has high breaking and tearing strength They are double faced with a width of approx. 90 cm They are available in color combination of either red and green or […]

  • 28.6%

    Plastic Bedpan with Lid

    350.00 250.00

    A bedpan is a container used to collect excreta or metabolic waste, and it is appropriately shaped to fit under a person lying or sitting in bed. Bedpan is great help for immobile patients. There is a handle on the back side of the bedpan. Carry it easily for clean up after every use. The […]

  • 57.9%

    Seni Soft Comfort Underpads

    Special Pattern embossed on the product and two layers of paper tissue assure perfect liquid distribution and quick absorption. Odour Stop: Advanced system prevents from unpleasant smell Outer layer of impermeable anti-slide foil keeps the underpad in place Anti Bacteria Magic gel: Unique material keeps moisture locked away; provides dryness and comfort Effective protection against [...]
  • 26.7%

    Silicone Foley 2-Way Catheters


    Two-way Foley Catheter consists of a long tube that is inserted into the bladder to drain out urine. One connector works as a drainage port and helps in draining urine while the other connector is a non-return balloon inflation valve that is used to inflate the retention balloon. Silicone – Inert material preferred for medical […]

  • 17.9%

    Universal Urine Pot Plastic 2 In 1

    280.00 230.00

    Easy fit cover for Hygiene and Odourless. Easy carry handle. Can be stored in standing or lying position. Handle for easy carrying and disposing urine. No leakage & spilling. The urinal pot has a transparent container. No sharp edges. Easy to pour and clean. Apply to: urinary frequency, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence. Use for: old […]

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    Urine Drainage Bag

    Urine drainage bag collect urine. Suitable for urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention (not being able to urinate), surgery that made a catheter necessary, or other health problem. Manufactured from soft clinical grade PVC sheeting. Available with T type bottom outlet. Non-return valve to prevent the backflow of urine. Printed with easy to read scale. Convenient […]

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