• 45.5%

    Air Bubble Mattress With Pump

    5,500.00 3,000.00

    Useful to bed ridden patients to reduce the chance of bed sore development. Alternating pressure relief bubble pad system with pump with adjustable hanger to suit any kind of hospital bed frames. Easy to operate with pressure adjustable control knob. Medical grade non-toxic material with low incidence of skin reaction Quite air pump operation and […]

  • 5.1%

    Bed Pull Up Strap

    314.00 298.00

    Bed Pull Up Strap is useful for people who need assistance in lowering themselves or getting up gently from their own bed. Getting up from a sleeping position is easier using Bed Pull Up Strap. It removes the need for a second person’s assistance in getting in or out of bed. The webbing is easy […]

  • 15%

    Flamingo Cervical Pillow

    1,000.00 850.00

    Cervical Pillow can be used for patients suffering from cervical Spondylolysis and back pain. It can be used on surgical tables, recovery rooms and treatment tables. It gives you a great relief

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