Mouth Care

Mouth Care

Mouth Care

  • 24.2%

    Absorbent Cotton Wool 500gm

    330.00 250.00

    Suitable for wound cleaning, dressing and other medical and non medical applications Good absorbency and low adherence to wounds. Pure white roll well packed in polythene pack 100% pure cotton Gross weight:- 500 gm Naturally White No chemical or starch used Quick Absorbency Free from leaf & shell Easy for cleaning the wounds Caution:To be […]

  • 38.1%

    Non Sterile Gloves, 100 pieces Box

    1,130.00 700.00

    Non Sterile gloves are made from natural rubber latex. Non sterile gloves made for comfort wrinkle-free fitting. These are single use latex gloves that can be worn and removed easily. This is non-sterile product. Protect your hands against dirt, dust. This box comes in 50 Pairs (100 Pieces) Durable- for multiple use Can be used […]

  • 62.5%

    Sponge Holding Forceps 10

    800.00 300.00

    Sponge holding forceps or sponge forceps as they may be called are instruments which are hold on to sponges and/or swabs while conducting their medical procedure. Sponge holding forceps are usually made in the shape of a scissor.The jaws of these forceps can either be serrated or they may be smooth. The handles are ratcheted […]

  • 23.3%

    Stainless Steel Kidney Tray

    300.00 230.00

    A kidney Tray is a shallow basin with a kidney-shaped footprint and sloping walls used in medical and surgical wards to receive soiled dressings and other medical waste. Reusable kidney dishes are usually made of stainless steel. The shape of the dish allows it to be held against the patient’s body to catch any falling […]

  • 5.4%

    Surgical Gauze Swab (10cms x 10cms x 16 Ply)-Pack of 20 Bags

    740.00 700.00

    Used for swabbing, cleaning wounds and dressing low exudates wounds. Made from superior cotton yarn with high absorption rates. Completely sterile – sterilized by gamma radiation, as long as pack is not damaged or opened. Low adherence to healing tissue ensuring easy removal of the dressing.     Product Information: Absorption rate: less than 10 […]

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