Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

  • 21.1%

    Dual Rotating Suction Cup Grab Bar With Indicator

    1,900.00 1,500.00

    The dual rotating suction cup grab bar allows you to rotate to multiple angles. Super strong and safety handle attaches to any smooth surface. Easy to install, no tools needed, no hole to drill the large suction cups attach to virtually any smooth surface and is removable without tools. Large suction cups provide an extremely […]

  • 41.1%

    Solido Secure Grip

    4,100.00 2,415.00

    The safety handle is designed to help get inside or outside the slippery bathtub or tiles. Quickly and easily installed on tiled / marble surfaces without tools. Extremely portable and can be used on a shower wall, in the bath, as a temporary towel bar, near a chair / stairwell for assistance when standing or […]

  • 29.4%

    Suction Cup Grab With Indicator

    1,700.00 1,200.00

    The suction cup grab bar can be installed and removed without hassle of tools or professional installation. Super strong and safety handle attaches to any smooth surface. The large suction cups provide an extremely strong hold. Release levels make attaching and detaching the bar a cinch. A colour indicator shows you whether installation was ‚Äúsafe […]

  • 43.1%

    Svivel Seat Shower Stool

    6,500.00 3,700.00

    The seat shower stool will take the concerns out of daily bathing. With its full 360- degree rotation you can comfortably adjust and rotate within the bathtub or shower. It allows for reduced stress upon the back, arms, shoulders and legs. Versatile free-standing bath stool allowing closer access. Non-slip, non-marking feet provide stability. Smooth, accessible […]

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