Eye care

Eye care

Eye care

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    Eye Wash Cup

    150.00 70.00

    You’re purchasing an eye bath, which is a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye. It is used to apply a tincture, medicated cleansing solution or water to the eyeball. Made of clear plastic. Eye Wash Cup is curved to fit snug next to your eye so there is […]

  • 56.3%

    Torch For Walking Aids

    800.00 350.00

    Attach the torch according to your convenience either to your walking stick or wheelchair or walker and let the light guide you!

  • 25%

    Universal Cool Eye Gel Pack

    160.00 120.00

    The eye mask comes with an Velcro straps which helps in the better fitting of the mask over the eyes. Soft and comfortable – settles well on eyes and face. Can be cooled in refrigerator. Provides ‘eye relaxation’ Soothes puffy eyes and relieves stress and tension.   Size: Universal.       Tip to use: Do not […]

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