On the previous post we have mentioned about ‘healthy bladder’. Here are few points on how to take care of your bladder to keep it healthy.

1. Drink more of water and avoid drinking other sweetened drinks. We usually cut down the water intake to reduce the urge to urinate but it’s not a good idea to do so because lack of water can cause dehydration which can affect the bladder.
2. Physical activity will keep the weight in control and help to prevent bladder problems.
3. Eat plenty of high-fiber foods, drinking enough water, regular exercise to avoid constipation because straining during the bowel movements can damage the pelvic floor.
4.Skip Alcohol and other beverages with caffeine which irritates the bladder.
5. Strengthen the muscles that help to control the bladder by doing pelvic floor exercises.
6. Do not hold urine for long time because it can cause infection and weaken the bladder muscle.
7. Fully empty the bladder while urinating
8. Cleaning is very important after urinating or bowel movements to prevent infection. Always follow the correct procedure of cleaning in a direction from front to back.
9. Change undergarments daily and if needed change immediately. Do not keep soiled undergarments for too long and the best is to wear cotton underwear because synthetic undergarments can hold onto the moisture and cause skin irritation and bladder infection.
10. Urinating right after sex to prevent the bacteria from entering into the bladder.